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As u all know that Guru Purnima glorifies the importance for guru in life , who can be in any form . Guru purnima falls on full moon day . The full moon is a time of postive opportunity . It can increase our postive energy . On guru purinma day the moon tries to pull at anything on the earth to bring it closer .. TOPIC: "SAMARPAN TOWARDS GURU ACCORDING TO YOGA" TIME : 11AM, 5TH JULY SPEAKER : MR. ANKUR MEHTA JI, (Founder, pause n learn wellness studio, pune ) LIVE AT : www.facebook.com/yogaarogyacenter/live Join our special session and make your mind calm and devotiee.. #yogaduringquarantine #yoga #yogaforstressrelief #samarpan #gurupurnima #guru #liveyogasession #surat #yogaarogyacenter

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