As the name suggests blind fold yoga refers to the practice of yoga when your eyes were covered with the help of blind fold.

The idea of the blind fold yoga is a chance to deeper your practice, to find trust in your self the courage to try something you haven’t done before!

Practicing yoga with your eyes blind folded as a huge impact on the rest of your sense. You will feel your balance being challenged as you remove visual reference and you will feel also feel the rest of your sense become deepened and refined.

Practicing blind folded is a time to take your asana practice a little slower and use a simpler sequence, in order to go deeper with in.

How does blindfold yoga help to improve the practice?

When you remove your most relied upon sense- your sight- your other senses heighten naturally, forcing you to look within and observe the weaker areas that heed strengthening. You will get physically stronger because you are more consciously using your muscle so as to not lose your balance. You also get a window into your deeper, inner most thoughts, which could be making your practice suffer!

Enjoy the experiment and use this as an exercise to adopt to change, to become more grateful for the smaller or invisible aspects of your life. Notice the qualities and attributes that arise during the practice and what effects you feel at the grateful for the simple things in life, the ability you have to see, to appreciate beauty!