Yoga Arogya provide corporate wellness program has been specially created to maximize positive impact on the body and mind. It ensures the overall well-being of the participant and engages them in fun session, exercise-based routine with equal impact on breathing, bonding, meditating and stretching.

Mindfullness for Corporate

Demands and challenges are mounting and so are work place stress levels. This may result into decreased productivity, reduce efficiency and creativity thus channelling increase absenteeism and eventual burnout!

To tackle this, your employees need something special intensive mind healing!

Ourmindfulness program takes them out from a whirlpool of stress, confidence issue and/ or any other mind woes and help turn the negative to positive, thus healing creativity, mindfulness, creates a balance, stress level reduce, emotion are better control and multitasking become easy!

It also helps the employee stay focused and patience, wider scope for understanding, thus resulting in in overall growth.

Health is Wealth

Its as simple as that when we are healthy, we are better able to face challenges and give our best to whatever and endeavour we undertake!

Recent research indicate that companies who offer yoga and wellness program to their employee reduce their annual health insurance premium and their by improve their bottom line!