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Teachers Trained

We Already Trained 400+ teacher.


Years of Experience

We have 8-year experience of national and international yoga teaching


In-house Staffs

Our students learn from the best – inspirational professional staff with a genuine passion for their subject

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Our students learn from the best – inspirational academic staff with a genuine passion for their subject.
Our courses are at the forefront of current knowledge and practice.


Yoga Trainer

Master Manoj Yogi brings his broad experience of Yoga and holistic health to his teaching style; his classes are a dynamic, flowing moving, focusing on attention to form, integration of breath and cultivation of awareness. Creating a supportive environment and taking to heart each student’s experience. He teaches Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Mantra yoga, etc.


Yoga Philosophy Specialist

Specialist of Yoga Philosophy, Vedic Theology,Ayurveda,Marm therapy, Yoga Asana,Pranayam,Naturopathy. Yogi Sunil also studied Veda,Upnishads, Bhagvat Geeta, Yogasutra, English,Panini Sanskrit Vyakaran & Sanskrit languages,Bengali,. Yogi Sunil graduated from Serampore college Calcutta (University) & Shatri from Uttarkhand Sankrit University . He studied also in Gurukul & Ashar


Advance Asana Trainer

Working in fitness by yoga industry from past 5 years. I founded the SPIRITUAL YOGA ALLIANCE which is now a large Group of Fitness Experts. We are a strong team of over 25 qualified Yoga instructors in the National Capital Region (NCR), providing services to individuals/groups / corporate, Gymnasiums, Institutions & Schools on a regular and contractual basis.


yoga trainer

Naveen Pandey also know as technoyogi, was born in Northern India. Specialist of Yoga Asana, Pranakarshan Pranayama, Savita Meditation, Naad Yoga, Relaxations, Advance Pranic Healing. He is a close disciple of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya.


Ayurvedic Doctor

he did master in yoga science, PG in panchakarma & naturopathy, diploma in marma therapy. in present, he is doing Ph.D. in basic science from mahatma Jyoti BA fule university Jaipur. he has 5-year experience in Ayurvedic yoga in Shri Raghunath hospital, Ludhiana Punjab.


acupressure & ayurveda diagnostic

She did master in yoga science, PG in panchakarma & naturopathy, diploma in marma therapy. in present, he is doing Ph.D. in basic science from mahatma Jyoti BA fule university Jaipur. She has 5-year experience in Ayurvedic yoga in Shri Raghunath hospital, Ludhiana Punjab.


Anatomy & Physiology

A renowned yoga teacher, He graduated in Yoga and did Masters in Human conciousness and Yogic Science from Gurukul Kangri Unversity.  His dedication towards anatomy and physiology is exhibited in his classes. His expertise in the domains of Marm chikitsa, anatomy and physiology,Yoga,philosphy,Hathyoga,Thereaptic yoga,shatkarm,ashantanga is the blessing he attained by years of practice under the guidance of Guru’s.

Courses We Offer

Your life of Yoga with

Yoga Arogya Center

We were lucky enough to have an invitation to check out this very cool YOGA AROGYA CENTRE which is a heaven for all the yoga lovers out there. They teach all types of Yogas to whoever is crazy and curious enough about the wonders of yoga. They told us how they aim to provide health benefits to all the Surtis who wanna stay fit without injesting themselves with different kinds of medicines that do more harm than good. The center has a monstrous space for every kind of yoga activities. The yoga suitable ambiance helps you to get in the right mindset to achieve the serene state of mind and body which you have been longing for.

We provide Yoga for Body Fitness, Toning of body, Stress management, obesity, Back pain, Hypertension, Thyroid & Cure of all problems.
We provide Personal Training for Individual’s, Children’s, Women’s, Old age persons. Even Lady Yoga Teachers available.

The “Yoga Teachers Training” by  Yoga Arogya Center is a program designed for all those people who want to be a yoga teacher. This course is for anyone who has a desire for self-knowledge and wants to know of the Yoga sutras, yoga philosophy, and yogic techniques.

Now we are running 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours Teacher Training course which almost covers every area of Yoga, teachers having complete knowledge of yoga are giving their valuable time to show the correct theory of yoga. Once you successfully complete this course, you would feel an important transformation experience in your life. You will learn to start teaching with confidence, helping others learn about yoga, through your own unique experience and astuteness. Also, it is once the opportunity to intensify your practice.

• To train the yoga Teachers in the international level.
• Improve well-being, health, and happiness through yoga.
• You can achieve all the benefit of yoga.
• To certify and register the yoga Teachers & Yoga Schools. She/he can the proper teaching of yoga.
• We solved all types of problems about yoga by yoga expert.
• Respect the source of yoga and honor those before we Cherish individuality.
• To organize the conference, competition to research on the every aspect of yoga and at the national and international level.
• Love and protect the environment.
• Keeps you healthy and fit
• Makes your body flexible
• Fills your life with complete energy and enthusiasm.
• Feel discipline in your Daily life.

The YOGA AROGYA CENTRE provides training in all kinds of yogas, therapies of different diseases, acupressure, pre & post pregnancy yoga, diet consultancy, stress management, health management, positive changes in a personality and relieve anxiety & depression. They also help people in weight loss and to successfully maintain a healthy living solely through yoga! It doesn’t just end here. They provide training to compete in highly competitive yoga competitions. They also provide teaching training and honor the trainers with trainer certificates.

Our vision is to provide a safe supportive space where individuals and families come together to create a compassionate and sustainable community, surrounded in an atmosphere where they are inspired to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally. We believe that when individuals change, their families and communities also change. We want to inspire this change by reminding individuals of the love, compassion and energy that dwell within them, guiding them to health, happiness and well-being.

Our Mission

We are Yoga Arogya Center inspired our community to live empowered, creative, vibrant lives through the practices of yoga and meditation.